This winter, avoid injuries on the slopes!

This winter, avoid injuries on the slopes!

Snowboarder. Avoid injuries this winter

By Dr. Carly Catanese, DPT

Common injuries we see in the therapy world from injuries on the slope include:

  • Knee injuries (involving the MCL and ACL)
  • Shoulder injuries (humeral head fracture, rotator cuff tear, AC separation)
  • Hand / Wrist injuries (skier’s thumb, wrist fracture)

How can you prevent injuries this winter?

If it’s been a while since you skied or snowboarded, or especially if you’re a novice, it might be best to take a class or two to refresh your skills. It’s important to learn the appropriate ways to protect yourself from common injuries. This includes the proper sizing and use of equipment, falling safely, understanding weather conditions and how it will influence your sport, and more.

Anytime you do something you haven’t done in a while, it’s normal to be somewhat sore when you first get back to it!

Cross training is particularly important for skiers and snowboarders. Focus on exercises that will help you perform better for your sports and prevent injury, but keep in mind that injury can occur regardless of the strength or stability of your joints. Contact injuries can occur where the impact is great, and there is no exercise that can save you from those!

Think of professional athletes, they get injured and sometimes require surgery and therapy. So be sure to watch yourself out there and stay aware of others on the slopes. It’s like driving – you have to be alert and mindful of all that is going around you! You don’t know the skill set of anyone but yourself, so make smart choices and stay safe.

How can you improve your overall strength?

Come in for a personal training assessment and discuss your goals with your trainer.  If you’re recovering from an injury or had a past injury that is still impacting your function, you would benefit from a physical therapy evaluation.

Give us a call so we can meet your individual goals!


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