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Shoulder Pain Feb4th 2020

Managing a Climber’s “Tweaky” Shoulder Pain

Why climbers experience shoulder pain or “tweaky” shoulders Climbers with tweaky shoulder pain is not uncommon. If you regularly go all out while climbing, it’s likely you’ve had a “tweaky” shoulder following a session. So, what is this highly scientific “tweaky” shoulder? For starters, let’s look at what is NOT. It’s not like the shoulder pain from that

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Nov23rd 2017

Climbing Rehab / Injury Prevention!

Climb on! Hey, follow our Youtube channel for a stream of vids on strengthening and injury prevention. Our climbing specific playlist is just getting up and rolling, but you can check out this gem below. We’re starting with a focus on the shoulder but will expand throughout the arm and hand. If you are looking

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Sep27th 2017

Good Versus Bad Pain

OUCH! Are you feeling some aches and pains after your last match at the Madison Park tennis court? Are your ankles still sore from your run through the arboretum last week? Is that good or bad pain? Pain is often the main topic of conversation with our rehab and training clients. What does this pain

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Apr16th 2017

Rock Climbing Blog Series Coming Soon!

Climbing Injuries Happen – Often I’m digging into the research of arm and hand injuries in climbers. I’m going to compare some climbing cult classics with the medical literature. After that I’ll share rehabilitation tips from my 20+ year experience treating common climbing injuries. This topic has been of greater interest to me the last few years

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Jun4th 2013

Elbow pain treatments (cortisone shots vs. physical therapy) (pain mitigation vs. healing / repair)

If you’ve been hit with the pain of climber’s elbow you are probably wondering how to get over it as fast as possible. Cortisone shots may have been offered by your doctor. Cortisone shots can be magical in getting rid of elbow pain…for a short time. It’s great to be pain free, but it’s not

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Jun2nd 2013

Pain on outside of elbow (epicondyle/epicondylitis / epicondylosis)

Climbers elbow is a painful condition usually occurring on the outside of the elbow. This is often referred to as elbow epicondylitis, elbow tendinosis, elbow tendonitis or tennis elbow, even when you’re not a tennis player. I prefer to call it climbers elbow. If you run your finger along the outside of your elbow you

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