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Surgeon Feb4th 2020

When should you consult a hand surgeon?

Guest post by Dr. Eric Pang, MD, Orthopedic Surgery; Hand, elbow & wrist  Orthopedic Physician Associates  Dr. Pang is a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand, wrist, and elbow disorders. He has advanced training in upper extremity fracture care, arthroscopy, joint replacement, and microsurgery. His special interests include upper extremity nerve compression syndromes, instability/arthritis (finger,

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Why does my wrist hurt?

Feb13th 2017

Wrist Pain Treatment  This is one of the most common questions we hear at MoveMend. This is usually followed by “Should I wear a brace for my wrist pain?” People also ask: What causes wrist pain? Why does it hurt to bend my wrist? Can you have gout in your wrist? Why do my hands

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Hand Arthritis – Splinting and Adaptive Techniques

Feb12th 2017

Yes, hand arthritis can be treated! We see people with hand arthritis almost every day at MoveMend. My grandmother told me that arthritis pain means you have lived a good life. While I agree that joint wear and tear is part of living a long robust life, there are ways to prolong the life of

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My Wrist Hurts. Do I Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Sep7th 2016

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition where the tendons or nerve running through a tunnel-like formation (called the carpal tunnel) in the wrist become inflamed. This nerve, the median nerve, controls sensation to all fingers except the small (“pinky”) finger and controls the motion of many of the muscles in the thumb and hand. Swelling

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How OT Can Help Jul22nd 2016

How Occupational Therapy Helps

The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) celebrated Occupational Therapy Month in April. Occupational therapy (OT) is a nearly 100-year-old evidence-based profession deeply rooted in science. Despite there being over 213,000 occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, and students nationwide many people do not know what OT is all about. You may be surprised to know the

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How To Identify, Prevent and Treat Baby Wrist Pain

Jul22nd 2016 The experience of being a new mom can be both fulfilling and challenging. In the latter category, hormone changes, fluid retention and the sudden addition of new physically demands such as lifting and carrying the newborn often lead to a painful condition known as “baby wrist”. Changing diapers, breastfeeding and lifting the child can

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What Causes Wrist Pain? What Are the Warning Signs? Jun13th 2013

What Causes Wrist Pain? What Are the Warning Signs?

Finding the root cause of your wrist pain is essential to treating the pain both efficiently and effectively. A sudden fall, an athletic injury, or just simple overuse can all contribute to causing wrist pain. This pain comes in a wide range of intensities and durations. The actual pain itself can range from an all

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Jun4th 2013

Elbow pain treatments (cortisone shots vs. physical therapy) (pain mitigation vs. healing / repair)

If you’ve been hit with the pain of climber’s elbow you are probably wondering how to get over it as fast as possible. Cortisone shots may have been offered by your doctor. Cortisone shots can be magical in getting rid of elbow pain…for a short time. It’s great to be pain free, but it’s not

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Jun2nd 2013

Pain on outside of elbow (epicondyle/epicondylitis / epicondylosis)

Climbers elbow is a painful condition usually occurring on the outside of the elbow. This is often referred to as elbow epicondylitis, elbow tendinosis, elbow tendonitis or tennis elbow, even when you’re not a tennis player. I prefer to call it climbers elbow. If you run your finger along the outside of your elbow you

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