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Surgeon Feb4th 2020

When should you consult a hand surgeon?

Guest post by Dr. Eric Pang, MD, Orthopedic Surgery; Hand, elbow & wrist  Orthopedic Physician Associates  Dr. Pang is a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand, wrist, and elbow disorders. He has advanced training in upper extremity fracture care, arthroscopy, joint replacement, and microsurgery. His special interests include upper extremity nerve compression syndromes, instability/arthritis (finger,

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How to stay safe and injury-free this winter

Jan16th 2020

by Dr. Carly Catanese, PT, DPT  Worried about how to stay safe and injury-free this winter? As the temperature drops and chances of ice or snow increase, we start seeing more people seeking physical therapy for injuries related to falls. From ankle sprains or fractures from slipping on black ice or ACL tears from wiping

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What is a free screen for physical or occupational therapy?

Jun7th 2019

Why should you consider a free screen at MoveMend? Because it’s an easy way to see if therapy can help you feel better! Too often, we ignore aches and pains, hoping they’ll go away on their own. But ignoring the pain can actually make it worse and keep us from the activities we love! Here’s

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How are your New Year’s resolutions? (It’s never too late to get back to them!)

Feb1st 2019

By Dr. Carly Catanese, DPT  Many of you have chosen to get into shape or lose some weight as your New Year’s resolution. How’s it going so far? It’s ok if you’ve gotten off track because it’s never too late to refocus on those goals and resolutions! I often hear the following from my clients:

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This winter, avoid injuries on the slopes!

Jan7th 2019

By Dr. Carly Catanese, DPT Common injuries we see in the therapy world from injuries on the slope include: Knee injuries (involving the MCL and ACL) Shoulder injuries (humeral head fracture, rotator cuff tear, AC separation) Hand / Wrist injuries (skier’s thumb, wrist fracture) How can you prevent injuries this winter? If it’s been a

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Why you should choose MoveMend

Oct11th 2018

MoveMend is unique in the services we offer for pain-free movement, whether you have a new injury, chronic pain, limited range of motion, or just want to perform better in your favorite sport.  We provide a customized combination of services to meet the needs of our patients and clients. We offer occupational therapy, physical therapy,

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October is National Physical Therapy Month!

Oct8th 2018

It’s National Physical Therapy Month. Do you know what PT is and how it helps you to move better? It helps you to move from injury back to activity. When you have an injury, whether it started recently, has lasted longer than 6 months or is a result of a medical condition, physical therapy can

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Returning From Injury: Not as Straightforward as You Might Think

Aug18th 2018

By Dr. Sam Watkins, DPT One of the first questions a new patient typically asks is how long until they are symptom-free and can return to their regular routine. It’s a tricky question to navigate because the rehab process can be so variable. Moreover, I don’t want to overemphasize a “normal” timeline because if patients

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