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Aches and Pains Jun18th 2020

Good Pain vs. Bad Pain

You might have heard the phrase “good pain vs. bad pain.” What does that mean? Isn’t all pain “bad?” Not necessarily. Sometimes, pain just indicates pushing yourself in a workout or soreness from trying a new exercise. And sometimes, it’s an indication of something that requires more attention. Symptoms of “Good” Pain  “Hurts so good” kind of pain

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What is a Functional Movement Screen (FMS)?

Feb13th 2019

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) identifies subtle imbalances and limitations in how people move. Imbalances can increase the risk of injury when other body parts overcompensate. By pinpointing specific areas for improvement, you can become a better mover for life.   Integrating the results of the FMS and the related corrective exercises into a full-body training

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Why you should choose MoveMend

Oct11th 2018

MoveMend is unique in the services we offer for pain-free movement, whether you have a new injury, chronic pain, limited range of motion, or just want to perform better in your favorite sport.  We provide a customized combination of services to meet the needs of our patients and clients. We offer occupational therapy, physical therapy,

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October is National Physical Therapy Month!

Oct8th 2018

It’s National Physical Therapy Month. Do you know what PT is and how it helps you to move better? It helps you to move from injury back to activity. When you have an injury, whether it started recently, has lasted longer than 6 months or is a result of a medical condition, physical therapy can

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Returning From Injury: Not as Straightforward as You Might Think

Aug18th 2018

By Dr. Sam Watkins, DPT One of the first questions a new patient typically asks is how long until they are symptom-free and can return to their regular routine. It’s a tricky question to navigate because the rehab process can be so variable. Moreover, I don’t want to overemphasize a “normal” timeline because if patients

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Sep27th 2017

Good Versus Bad Pain

OUCH! Are you feeling some aches and pains after your last match at the Madison Park tennis court? Are your ankles still sore from your run through the arboretum last week? Is that good or bad pain? Pain is often the main topic of conversation with our rehab and training clients. What does this pain

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