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Shoulder Pain Dec16th 2020

What is causing the pinching or ache in my shoulder?

Understanding shoulder impingement Shoulder impingement can have multiple causes and multiple diagnoses that can include: Rotator cuff tendinopathy Subacromial bursitis Partial rotator cuff tears Full rotator cuff tears And proximal biceps tendinopathy These are all related to the tissues under the acromion (see image). A way to think of this area of your shoulder is

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Shoulder Pain Feb4th 2020

Managing a Climber’s “Tweaky” Shoulder Pain

Why climbers experience shoulder pain or “tweaky” shoulders Climbers with tweaky shoulder pain is not uncommon. If you regularly go all out while climbing, it’s likely you’ve had a “tweaky” shoulder following a session. So, what is this highly scientific “tweaky” shoulder? For starters, let’s look at what is NOT. It’s not like the shoulder pain from that

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When Should I Seek Therapy for My Shoulder Pain?

Feb26th 2017

Aching Shoulder Blade Pain: When should you get help? You might be reading this post while noting a dull ache in your shoulder. If that’s the case, you are in good company (unfortunately). Shoulder pain is one of the most common reasons why people seek the advice of a physician or an occupational or physical

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Jan14th 2017

Don’t Shrug Off Shoulder Pain

Most shoulder pain is treatable without drugs or surgery Shoulder Pain Diagnosis: Shoulder pain can ruin your day and night. Do you have a twinge of shoulder pain when you roll over at night? How about when you reach overhead to put on a shirt? If you do, you’re not alone. Shoulder pain is one of

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Shoulder Exercises Used in Occupational and Physical Therapy

Oct19th 2016

The video above demonstrates a basic shoulder exercise that encourages the shoulder to move into a stable position. We refer to it as the “lawnmower”. Controlling the scapula before and during lifting and weight bearing activities is essential. The Shoulder Complex The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the human body. Its motion allows

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