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How to stay safe and injury-free this winter

Jan16th 2020

by Dr. Carly Catanese, PT, DPT  Worried about how to stay safe and injury-free this winter? As the temperature drops and chances of ice or snow increase, we start seeing more people seeking physical therapy for injuries related to falls. From ankle sprains or fractures from slipping on black ice or ACL tears from wiping

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This winter, avoid injuries on the slopes!

Jan7th 2019

By Dr. Carly Catanese, DPT Common injuries we see in the therapy world from injuries on the slope include: Knee injuries (involving the MCL and ACL) Shoulder injuries (humeral head fracture, rotator cuff tear, AC separation) Hand / Wrist injuries (skier’s thumb, wrist fracture) How can you prevent injuries this winter? If it’s been a

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Oct28th 2017

Exercises for cross country and downhill skiing

  Winter is coming! The days are short and snow is packing the slopes. If you’re the kind of snow bird that heads north for winter then this is your season. It’s time to ready your muscles and cardiovascular system for our Cascade Winter Wonderland.   Preparing your muscles and cardiovascular system for downhill and

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Dec30th 2016

Exercises for Skiing and Snowboarding

Get your core on! It’s that time of year when snow is falling at both The Summit at Snoqualmie and Crystal Mountain. The slopes are ready for skis and snowboards, but are you ready? If you plan on enjoying these winter sports, now is the time to get your body tuned up. Doing the right

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