Do You Have Back Pain From A Sports Injury?

Do You Have Back Pain From A Sports Injury?

Do You Have Back Pain From A Sports Injury?

Physical therapy can provide relief and a recovery plan.

If you play sports and have recently been experiencing severe back pain that you just can’t ignore no matter how hard you try, chances are you’ve sustained a sports injury. 

Sports injuries are very common, and many of them affect the back and spine. Although some injuries heal on their own with time, it’s not unheard of to need rehabilitation in order to make a full recovery!

MoveMend Physical Therapy in Seattle, WA offers a variety of physical therapy treatment methods specifically designed to help athletes recover from back and spine sports injuries. so that they can regain strength and get back out on the field or court. 

Our innovative care strategies at MoveMend will help you find quick relief. Call our clinic today to learn more and schedule an appointment. In the meantime, keep reading to learn more about how physical therapy can help relieve sports-related back pain!

Common sports-related back injuries

There are several types of sports-related back injuries that can result in a limited range of motion and pain. Some of the most common ones (practice name) treats in our (town) clinic include:

1. Cervical (neck) injuries. Neck injuries occur in many different sports, such as football. Players who have sustained neck injuries can experience numbness or tingling in their shoulders due to the compression nerves on the cervical spine. 

2. Lumbar (lower back) sprains and strains. These kinds of injuries are commonly experienced by weight-lifters. Oftentimes lumbar sprains and strains don’t require medical attention, however, if your pain lasts longer than a couple of weeks, it’s a good idea to see a physical therapist.

3. Fractures and other injuries to the spine. Fractures and spinal injuries are common in sports activities that require athletes to move in repetition, such as volleyball, cheerleading, dancing, or gymnastics. These kinds of sports place extra stress and strain on the spine.  

If you’re living with back pain from any of these injuries, our therapists will be able to tell. They can also identify several other underlying causes for your back pain as well.

How to know if your back pain is serious

As previously mentioned, many back injuries will heal on their own! However, you should be aware of signs to look out for on the chance that your injury is more serious, and requires attention from a medical professional.  

If you notice your back pain is getting worse over time instead of improving, this is a major sign you should see a physical therapist for an evaluation. If your pain affects your ability to balance or walk, you’re experiencing pain in your legs, bladder or bowel changes, or you’re in discomfort for more than 2 months, rehabilitation may be the best option for you.

How can a physical therapist help relieve sports-related back pain?

There is good news on the horizon for you if you’re dealing with a sports-related back injury. A physical therapist can help you regain your strength and range of motion while relieving your painful symptoms.

The smartest way to fight back pain is by helping your back function more normally. Our physical therapist can confirm the cause of your back pain, whether it’s from a degenerative condition or a sports injury.

Your physical therapy program may involve any or all of the following treatment methods to provide you with relief and prevent you from sustaining the same injury in the future: 

  • Stabilization exercises to help keep your spinal components in place as you perform everyday tasks (from sitting in a chair to getting out of bed)
  • Strengthening exercises to help you enjoy better spinal support and maintain a straighter posture
  • Orthotics to compensate for foot or leg imbalances that are straining your muscles
  • Flexibility exercises to gently and carefully extend your pain-free range of back motion
  • Alternating cryotherapy and heat therapy to relieve tissue pain and inflammation
  • Chiropractic adjustments to normalize your spinal alignment and improve spinal joint function
  • Lifestyle changes to prevent unnecessary strain on the back 
  • Cold laser therapy and/or massage therapy to soothe, warm and relax tight muscles and connective tissues.  

Put an end to your back pain today

There’s no reason to allow your back pain to continue plaguing you when safe, natural, and effective treatment options are available.

Rest assured that the Seattle physical therapists at our clinic are trained movement specialists who can help you get back to your optimum performance levels. If you’ve been hurt, call MoveMend Physical Therapy today and let us know. Relief is right around the corner for you!

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