What is a free screen for physical or occupational therapy?

What is a free screen for physical or occupational therapy?

Elbow pain free screen Why should you consider a free screen at MoveMend? Because it’s an easy way to see if therapy can help you feel better!
Too often, we ignore aches and pains, hoping they’ll go away on their own. But ignoring the pain can actually make it worse and keep us from the activities we love!
Here’s what you can expect at a free screen. We’ll also explain the differences between this and an evaluation.

What you can expect at MoveMend:

  • You’ll have a 30-minute session with either a physical or occupational therapist
  • You can discuss an injury, or talk about specific aches and pains you’re experiencing
  • And yes, it really is free! Your insurance won’t be billed for this appointment

What will happen: 

  • The therapist will do a brief exam, get some of your history, and let you know if they recommend therapy
  • If you’re a good candidate for therapy, you’ll get a written treatment plan outlining some of the details
  • Your treatment plan might include the duration and frequency of appointments, as well as some types of exercises you might work on

How it differs from a full evaluation:

  • A free screen is not a formal new patient evaluation. For a full evaluation, your therapist needs to work with you for an hour to collect more details and do a more thorough exam.
  • You will not be given any specific exercises to perform
  • A therapist only issues an exercise program after a full evaluation to make sure it’s tailored to your specific needs

If PT or OT would help you, you can then schedule a full evaluation. The good news? Because your therapist gathered some information during the free screen, you can move more quickly into treatment.

Want some expert advice on what might be causing your pain?

You can schedule a free PT screen or a free OT screen if you have hand, arm, wrist, or shoulder pain.

Don’t let pain or injury keep you from the activities you love!

If you want to skip the free screen and go right to a full evaluation, it’s easy to do and we accept most major insurances! You can schedule an evaluation by clicking the links below

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