What is a Functional Movement Screen (FMS)?

What is a Functional Movement Screen (FMS)?

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) identifies subtle imbalances and limitations in how people move. Imbalances can increase the risk of injury when other body parts overcompensate. By pinpointing specific areas for improvement, you can become a better mover for life.  

Integrating the results of the FMS and the related corrective exercises into a full-body training program allows us to progress your exercises safely and efficiently. The goal is to move well before stressing the body with resistance for strengthening and endurance.  

What to expect with your Functional Movement Screen 

Your FMS-certified trainer will watch you perform 7 movement patterns to get your baseline score. This allows our experts to create a robust overall training plan for you that increases performance and decreases risk for injury.  

Once you have your baseline, your trainer will have you retake the FMS periodically to assess improvement and make sure your training plan keeps challenging you.    

The FMS is a great tool for people who have been injured, are afraid of getting injured, or who are generally in a rut with their exercise program.  

If you’re transitioning from physical or occupational therapy to post-injury personal training, the FMS score allows your therapist and trainer to better collaborate about safely adding new exercises to your routine.  

Schedule a free Functional Movement Screen before the end of February (when prices increase to our normal first-time training rates). See how FMS fits in with our overall post-injury personal training.

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