Hand Arthritis – Splinting and Adaptive Techniques

Hand Arthritis – Splinting and Adaptive Techniques

Yes, hand arthritis can be treated!

We see people with hand arthritis almost every day at MoveMend. My grandmother told me that arthritis pain means you have lived a good life. While I agree that joint wear and tear is part of living a long robust life, there are ways to prolong the life of joints and decrease pain.

People also ask

  • What are the symptoms of arthritis in the hands?
  • What helps arthritis pain?
  • What vitamins are good for arthritis?
  • What is a good remedy for arthritis pain?

The video above shares some tips to lessen hand pain from arthritis. Hand braces that support painful arthritic joints are also reviewed. If you have questions about what hand brace may be right for you please comment on the video or call us for an appointment.

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Written by Aaron Shaw, OTR/L, CHT, CSCS
Occupational Therapist
Certified Hand Therapist
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist


My mother has hand arthritis, but she doesn’t believe it can be helped. I’ll direct her here to seek treatment!

Wow, I always assumed arthritis was a natural part of aging where some people were more prone than others. Watching the video of ways to adjust your grip and reduce likelihood of arthritis has made me very aware of the strain on the nerves in my hands! Thank you!

I didn’t know there were exercises to treat arthritis after being affected. Would something like acupuncture in the hands also help?

There are exercises that specifically target the muscles around the thumb to prolong the life of the joints. Acupuncture may be effective in decreasing the pain of arthritis for some people, although it is not effective in improving the strength of the muscles supporting arthritic joints.

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