It’s time to run!

It’s time to run!

It’s time to run!

Spring is finally here!!!

Running stairsAs the weather warms up, people will be running more and more. If you are considering upping your mileage and/or just considering getting into a running program, remember that running is not the only thing you should be doing. If you are running, you should also be looking at your strengthening program. Running influences your whole body so if you have a weak back/hips, shoulder instability, core weakness, or any pain with running, you should see a physical therapist.

The value of MoveMend is that once we treat your injury and you’re progressing, you can see one of our personal trainers for additional strengthening.

Is my knee the source of my knee pain?

The knee can be a common referral for dysfunction in the back or hip. Hip impingement is a common issue among active populations and often goes undiagnosed. That is not to say that knee pain isn’t from the knee, it definitely can be. It is best to get it properly evaluated by a physical therapist so you can get back to the miles. Schedule your assessment HERE.

Carly Catanese, DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy

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