Spending an hour, face-to-face, with your Physio Coach™ is a powerful experience. Introducing a new exercise, fine-tuning form, assessing strength, and screening for injuries are just some of the benefits of our in-person sessions. Not to mention getting in a GREAT workout!

Many of our long-term coaching clients utilize in-person coaching sessions several days a week. Others come in once every 4-5 weeks for their Physio Coach to review the form and general exercise programming. We also have clients who are signed up for our Elements and Virtual Physio Coaching™ programs who will occasionally add a few in-person sessions to their workout routine.

It’s time to reach your potential.

Your Physio Coaching™ experience starts with an assessment with one of our coaches. We address injury history, current nagging aches and pains, your fitness experience, access to exercise equipment, and (most importantly) your goals! 

Once we learn this about you, we assess your current physical strengths and weaknesses. 

With this information, a CUSTOM workout program is created for you. Every exercise, set, repetition, and rest break is specifically determined to match your current abilities with your goals. No more guesswork! We will figure out all the details for you!

  • Physio Coaching Assessment- $330*
  • Physio Coaching In Person- $145*

*does not include sales tax


Achieve Your Goals With Physio Coaching In Seattle, WA!

Physio Coaching’s top priority is to help you achieve fitness goals and performance. Physio Coaching is proud to offer this one of a kind service in Seattle, WA and around the country! Read success stories and learn how Physio Coaching has helped others get back on track and achieve their true potential!

I had a 4-year-old knee injury on one side and a fresh knee injury on the other side that I wanted to address. With each session we had the knees seemed to tolerate more load and I was able to increase my running time. I walked down a hill the other day and suddenly noticed that my knees were not hurting. I also am now at roughly 20 minutes of running without pain. I am now doing Physio coaching with her and am super thrilled we can keep working together.

– Jess

I’m happy to say that I feel like I am 20 years younger! I am now in a personal training program to strengthen the muscles and show me how to workout without re-injuring myself. It’s been a great experience. The staff is fantastic.

– Eduardo A.

The moment I walked through that door, I felt like I was seen and heard as a person. My recovery and ability to regain function and quality of life was their utmost priority. I felt listened to, cared for, and also had a great many laughs. Their model of marrying OT/PT with personal training for recovery is genius.

– Haley P.

This place is amazing, not only helped me work through some tough shoulder issues, but now I have a strong core that is allowing me to get back into training with confidence that I won’t get seriously injured. I LOVE this place

– Amy E.

When you’re trying to recover from an injury, the person you pick to guide your recovery makes all the difference between success and failure. Aaron is the person you want to pick, whether you’re recovering from an athletic injury or an injury from the accidents of everyday life. Aaron offers not only technical expertise but wisdom

– Matt G.

I went to work on strengthening and endurance. The first step was an assessment where they identified some weaknesses. Once flexibility and muscle weakness in certain areas were identified they set about working on those specific areas with a variety of exercises that kept it interesting and fun.

– R.L.