Climbing Injuries Seattle, WA

Climbing Injuries

Post-injury rehab and training for climbers Have You Injured Yourself Climbing? Let…

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Finger Pulley Injury Seattle, WA

Finger Pulley Injury

Here at MoveMend Rehab and Performance, our Seattle, WA occupational therapists, and…

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Pre-Surgical Physical Therapy Seattle, WA

Pre-Surgical Physical Therapy

Help Your Surgery Go Smoothly With Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation Rehabilitation Isn’t Only Helpful…

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Post-Surgical Rehab Seattle, WA

Post-Surgical Rehab

Achieving Smooth Recovery Through Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Can Make Recovery Easier!…

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Hand Pain

6 Conditions That Could Be The Cause of Your Elbow, Wrist, or…

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Wrist Pain

Are you struggling to do normal tasks such as write, type, use…

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elbow wrist hand pain Seattle WA

Elbow Pain

Physical Therapy Can Help You Gain Elbow Pain Relief Do you find…

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Sports Injuries Clinic Seattle, WA

Sports Injuries

Participate in your favorite activities without any pain      Participating in sports is…

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Back & Sciatica Pain Relief Seattle, WA

Back Pain

Searching for back pain relief? Your search ends here! Are you searching…

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Sciatica Pain

Are you looking for sciatica relief? Sciatica, or lumbar radiculopathy, affects the…

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Neck Pain Relief Seattle, WA

Neck Pain

Physical Therapy Can Get Rid of The Pain In Your Neck —…

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Hip Pain

Say Goodbye To Hip Pain With Physical Therapy! Do you want to…

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Hip and Knee Pain Relief Seattle, WA

Knee Pain

Say Goodbye To Chronic Knee Pain With Physical Therapy! Do you search…

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Foot Pain

Put Your Whole Foot Into It (Physical Therapy!) Are you looking for…

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Foot and Ankle Pain Relief Seattle, WA

Ankle Pain

Physical Therapy In Seattle, WA Can Help You Achieve Ankle Pain Relief…

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Shoulder Pain Relief Seattle, WA

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Relief Is Closer Than You Think Occupational and Physical Therapy…

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Pain Relief for Arthritis Seattle, WA


There are many kinds of arthritis, however, one thing that most cases…

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Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Seattle, WA

Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

Discover How Physical Therapy Can Help You Recover After a Motor Vehicle…

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Work Injuries Seattle, WA

Work Injuries

Physical Therapy Can Help You Get Back To Work Have You Received…

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