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Ankle Pain

Physical Therapy In Seattle, WA Can Help You Achieve Ankle Pain Relief

Do you experience discomfort when flexing your ankle? Is the discomfort in your ankle affecting how you live your life? There is still hope, even if there could be several causes for the pain in your ankle. Physical therapy can help you relieve ankle pain.

You can get the ankle pain relief you require by locating the cause of your discomfort and consulting with MoveMend Rehab and Performance. It’s time to stand up and move once more.

To discover more about how we may assist you, make an appointment with one of our Seattle, WA physical therapists right now.

Reasons for ankle pain

Ankle discomfort can be caused by a number of different things. You may be unable to bear weight due to terribly painful ankle injuries. Even little discomfort can make it challenging to carry out regular tasks.

Ankle pain can develop gradually as a result of a persistent underlying ailment or suddenly as a result of an injury. The following are some potential reasons for ankle pain:

Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain

If you have pain on the outside of your ankle, it could be due to an old injury that did not heal properly. Your ankle joints will become more painful as they become more unstable.

Fractured Ankle

Ankle pain will occur if one of the three bones in your ankle is broken (tibia, fibula, or talus). Ankle fractures may necessitate weeks of rest to heal properly.


Bursitis occurs when tendons rub against the anti-friction sacs known as “bursae,” resulting in flat feet. While having flat feet is usually painless, having them out of alignment with your knees can cause your ankles to hurt or swell.

Fortunately, our Seattle, WA physical therapy clinic has assisted in the rehabilitation of numerous ankle injuries. Allow us to assist you as well!


Arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease characterized by joint pain. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the most common types. Both types of arthritis can be dangerous to the ankle joints and affect people of all ages.

Strained or Sprained Ankle

The two most usual ankle injuries, sprains, and strains, are frequently misinterpreted. While a muscle or tendon is overstretched in a strain, a ligament is strained or torn in a sprain. Both of these ankle injuries should be examined by a medical professional to be sure no permanent harm has been done.

Achilles tendinitis

An unexpected strain on the Achilles tendon can cause tiny tears and inflammation at the back of your ankle. Rest is necessary for your Achilles tendon to heal; otherwise, scar tissue may form, which only surgery can treat.

If you are living with any of these conditions, do not hesitate to reach out to MoveMend Rehab and Performance for help.

Physical therapy in Seattle, WA can help you find ankle pain relief

If you or a loved one is experiencing ankle pain that is interfering with your ability to function, MoveMend Rehab and Performance can help! During your initial visit, our Seattle, WA physical therapist will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the source of your discomfort and then develop a personalized treatment plan for your condition.

Specialized hands-on physical therapy techniques, exercises, and stretches to regain joint mobility, enhance balance, and strengthen ankle muscles make up the majority of treatments for ankle pain relief.

We’ll do everything we can to relieve your pain and restore your strength and circulation so you can get back to your normal routine.

We’ll periodically reassess your treatment strategy and might advise making lifestyle changes or getting orthotics to assist you in preventing further injuries or problems.

Request an appointment and rid yourself of ankle pain

You are not destined to suffer from ankle discomfort for the rest of your life. You have the right to walk around freely and pain-free!

Our physical therapy clinic in Seattle, WA can help you regain ankle mobility, comfort, and overall function while also reducing any restrictions that are bothering you.

You should make an appointment with MoveMend Rehab and Performance as soon as possible. Begin your road to recovery right away!

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