Finger Pulley Injury Seattle, WA

Finger Pulley Injury

Here at MoveMend Rehab and Performance, our Seattle, WA occupational therapists, and certified hand therapists are committed to providing you with the best therapy possible for the most debilitating and painful injuries that keep you from doing the sports and activities you love. One condition that we have extensive experience with returning people to function and sport is finger pulley injuries.

For those of you who have had them, you know how truly painful and bothersome they can be and how they can have long lasting effects on your body. If you have been diagnosed with one but are still confused, you are probably looking for experts to guide you through the treatment process, giving you the best and most efficient care tailored to you and your goals. And if this is you, we have good news, you are in the right place!

What is a Finger Pulley Injury?

While they are not entirely exclusive to them, you see finger pulley injuries most frequently with rock climbers. We have become known in the Seattle, WA area as the go-to clinic for climbers dealing with these types of injuries because of our experience returning athletes to sport. We are also active climbers ourselves and understand how frustrating it is to not be up on the wall.

There is a lot of useful terminology about how these injuries happen when climbing and the specifics about the biomechanics and what happens when a finger pulley injury occurs. But the most important thing you need to know about them is that your hands contain a large amount of soft tissue that you use heavily on a daily basis.

But for as strong and durable as it is, this tissue can only withstand so much strain. When the external load on the fingers is too extreme, it can cause ruptured ligaments, pulleys, and tendons.

Here’s What We Can Do For You

Our Seattle, WA certified hand therapists seek to treat not just your symptoms but the cause of your pain, so that you actually get stronger and reduce your risk for re-injury. Our approach to your finger pulley injury will be extremely intensive and hands-on, being a guiding presence throughout your recovery. And if you’re a climber or another type of athlete, we make sure that your therapy includes the specific exercises that will help you improve your climbing as you recover.

We will not just work for you, but with you to create a customized plan designed to get to the root of your problems, providing real and long-lasting relief for your pain.

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