MoveMend Business Voucher Program

MoveMend Business Voucher Program

Do you want to offer your clients (or staff) something special at no cost to you?

If you serve active clients and people who are interested in improving their health and fitness, we would like to partner with you!

MoveMend Rehab and Performance is an independent rehab and training clinic in Eastlake. We offer VIP levels of care around physical therapy, occupational and hand therapy, and a unique hybrid of rehab and strength and conditioning known as Physio Coaching.

At MoveMend Rehab and Performance, all our fitness services are provided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, something that sets us apart from any other “personal training” or fitness-based business in the area.

Physio Coaching combines the best of rehabilitation and strength and conditioning principles to make fitness accessible for everyone, with or without injuries. Whether people want to get back into exercise after an injury or surgery, if they want to start a running program, build strength, or improve their performance, Physio Coaching helps people get measurable results.  

We want to create win-win-win scenarios for your business, your customers or staff, and MoveMend Rehab and Performance.

Business Voucher Program 

If you are interested in partnering with MoveMend Rehab and Performance to offer select customers or staff FREE Physio Coaching sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, we would love to make you part of our voucher program.

We’re giving a limited number of businesses 3 free vouchers to give to customers/employees of their choosing. Each voucher is for two free Physio Coaching sessions at MoveMend Rehab and Performance – and there’s no catch (or cost) for you.  

Your customers/staff get training guidance from one of our rehab/strength and conditioning experts, you get to give away something of high value, and we both get to support a local business in a mutually beneficial, non-competitive way. 

MoveMend business voucher program
Interested in learning more about the MoveMend Business Voucher program?
Call us at (206) 641-7733 and ask to speak to Aaron!