Physio Coaching

Physio Coaching

Do you want to be…

If you want measurable improvements in your performance…
If you’re willing to put in the work to get there…
If you want to have your customized training plan designed just for you by highly qualified rehabilitation and strength and conditioning specialists to help you safely and effectively see those improvements you’ve been chasing…
If you want to blast past the injuries, aches, and pains that have been holding you back from the activities you love… Keep reading.

The way it’s always been done was never actually good enough …

Just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t mean it should be done that way. It doesn’t mean there isn’t an entirely different way to approach things, a way that is not only better but more effective. A way that gets proven results.

Here’s the truth: Most people don’t know how to safely and effectively improve their performance and work toward their fitness goals. This is even more true when people have dealt with injuries in the past.

Personal trainers aren’t qualified to assess or treat people with injuries. That’s not their area of expertise.

How things have been done up until now…

Currently, rehabilitation and fitness services operate in different worlds and on different wavelengths. The world of rehabilitation speaks a different language than the world of fitness, leaving openings for miscommunication that can jeopardize your performance and possibly your health.

It’s time for something BETTER. Physio coaching, powered by MoveMend, has created an entirely new approach, one that is backed by research and addresses the gaps that exist in both the rehab and the fitness worlds so you can achieve the health and performance that you want.

The problem with rehab 

You might have worked with a great physical therapist who helped you recover from an injury to the point where you feel you can start exercising and going back to the gym.

But they might not be trained on how to help you reach your fitness and performance goals, or they might be capped by insurance companies on how many visits they can treat you for, regardless of whether you are back to pre-injury performance.

So, to get better, you then go to a personal trainer. Except…

The problem with the fitness industry

Here’s a controversial statement, but it’s one that needs to be said. Many personal trainers just aren’t that good. In general, they have very limited knowledge about physiology or exercise science, and they aren’t required to have any training at all in order to call themselves a coach, a fitness instructor, or a personal trainer.

Of course, this isn’t the case for everyone. There are great personal trainers out there, including ones that I trust my own clients and patients with. But they’re not the majority.

There’s a difference between working out and getting sweaty and making real performance gains you can measure.

If getting stronger, fitter, faster, and better able to perform in all your favorite activities is what matters to you, the old way isn’t going to cut it.

Physio Coaching takes the best exercise science and rehab principles to create a program that delivers on a Big Promise.

What is Physio Coaching?

Simply put, Physio Coaching is a service that helps people, with and without injuries, safely work towards peak fitness and performance by integrating rehabilitation and strength and conditioning principles.

Instead of hoping you can find a trainer that may or may not have any qualifications around the basics of exercise science and physiology, you should demand better!

Good news – Better is here! You can have custom programming designed for you by a doctor of physical therapy, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, and a former collegiate athlete.

Why choose one, when you can have the expertise of all of them?

The Big Promise
of Physio Coaching


  • 10 weeks.
  • 3 customized workouts per week
  • One in-person workout per week with your Physio Coach
  • Two workouts designed by your Physio Coach to be done on your own.

In 10 weeks, you will…

  • Feel fitter
  • Be stronger
  • Have more endurance
  • Perform better
  • Finally feel like you can perform the way you’ve always wanted!

At the end of your 10 weeks, you’ll see a 20% improvement, and you’ll have the before and after assessment sheet to see exactly where you improved and by how much.

Why You Should
Invest in YOU with

Training in a way to get real, measurable results means following proven, evidence-based, prescriptive programs, designed by people who have studied this extensively. And to help you work around injuries or imbalances, those workouts need to be informed by a rehabilitation specialist who knows how to effectively minimize the risk of further injury.

There’s A LOT to consider when it comes to optimizing training to see the most progress possible!

Thinking about the number of sets per muscle group per week, while also considering optimal rep ranges for each exercise and getting the right intensity with the equipment you have access to can be tough. And if you have a history of injury or limited equipment, it just gets more complicated.

With Physio Coaching you’ll be provided with detailed programming, that accounts for all of these factors, as well as incorporates your goals and injury history to ensure you see results! 

To get the same results on your own, you would need to understand all this:

  • How often do you need to work out
  • How hard you need to be working out
  • How you measure how hard you’re working out (intensity)
  • How many reps per set do you need to do
  • How to work around specific injuries
  • How to train to meet specific goals or to perform better in sports
  • And more!

If that all sounds intimidating, confusing, and complicated…

If you just want someone to tell you exactly what to do in your workouts…

If you want someone to measure your starting point, understand your physical history and history of injury, and give you a customized program that maps out everything listed above, you want to invest in Physio Coaching.

We create the program. You do the work, supported, encouraged, and pushed by your Physio Coach every step of the way. Only you can decide if you’re ready to make this investment in your health, in your fitness, and in getting stronger and fitter than you ever thought was possible for you.

“Is Physio Coaching For Me?”

 You’re an ideal Physio Coaching client if you’re:

  • Ready to commit to 3 days/week of exercise for 10 weeks
  • Somewhat to moderately active (or highly active), but are looking for more
  • Having regular backslides dealing with old injuries when ramping up training
  • Seeking guidance from an expert on what to do to get stronger and avoid injury
  • Ready to learn how to progress your own programming and learn more about how to train with your injury history

This is NOT for you if you’re:

  • Not willing to commit to 3 days/week of primarily strength-based training
  • Mostly interested in infrequent training sessions/only want to work out once or twice a week
  • Don’t want to commit to a home program
  • You have a current injury that is significantly impacting your ability to do much exercise
  • You’re strictly cardio oriented and only interested in running/cycling
  • Totally sedentary with no history of exercise

Physio Coaching is not for everyone, nor will everyone who applies be accepted into the Physio Coaching program. We only want people who are committed to the process and whose goals align with what we’re doing.

That’s ok! We’re happy to help you in other ways, with our regular post-injury training, performance training, or help you recover from an injury and regain strength with our top-notch therapy services.

Your investment in yourself:
What to expect

You get 10 weeks of custom fitness programming, designed for you by your Physio Coach, that includes: 

  • A comprehensive fitness assessment
  • A report showing you your baseline scores
  • Form and movement assessments
  • Cardiovascular and strength assessments
  • A review and introduction to home programming
  • A list of recommended equipment you’ll want to have at home or have access to
  • One (1) in-person workout with your Physio Coach each week
  • Two (2) custom workouts for you to do at home each week (if you want to come in and work 1:1 with your coach, you can do that too, for an add-on fee)
  • 3 workouts/week for a total of 29 custom training sessions, plus your first assessment and workout for a total of 30 sessions
  • A final assessment to measure improvements and changes
  • VIP Physio Coaching gear

You get all that, backed by our 20% improvement promise, for a one-time fee of $2,675.

Sign up now to reserve your spot!

What is Physio Coaching?

Physio Coaching is a 10-week focused program, in which you work with leaders in rehabilitation and strength and conditioning to improve your performance, overall health, and bridge the gap between rehab and athletic performance.

How will you benefit from Physio Coaching?
  • Get 20% stronger in 10 weeks
  • By working with a Physical Therapist/Strength Coach combination, you will blast past injuries and ineffective training that have been holding you back from the exercises and activities you love
  • Learn more about how to safely and effectively ramp up your training, your specific injury/injury prevention, and nutrition for high performance.
What will it feel like to be in the program?
  • You’re going to feel like an athlete in our program! Expect 2 days/week of customized workouts delivered to your phone, designed by your Physio Coach, and one in-person session with your PC every week. (Please ask about additional 1:1 sessions if you want more hands-on guidance through your program).
  • Your coach will be employing evidence-based training to help you feel stronger, look better, and move well.
Why should you sign up?

If you’ve struggled with getting back to your peak performance levels after an injury, or are injury-free and are looking to get strong and fit, then Physio Coaching is right for you. After an in-depth assessment, you’ll be provided with customized at-home workouts and in-person training sessions that meet YOUR needs. It takes the guesswork out of your training and ensures that you see the progress you’re looking for.

What’s the difference between Physio Coaching and physical therapy?

Physical therapy is focused on rehabilitating an injury so you can do the things in your life that you were able to do PRIOR to injury. The goal of Physio Coaching is to improve your overall fitness, strength, and athletic performance, which may or may not be impacted by injury.

Can I sign up for Physio Coaching if I have an injury?

If you currently have an injury that is severe enough to significantly limit you taking part in general exercise, then it is likely you will be recommended physical therapy. If you have a chronic problem, have been discharged from physical/occupational therapy, or have recovered to the point that your injury is minor, then Physio Coaching may be the right option for you. Send in your application or give us a call for more information!

I don’t feel comfortable coming to MoveMend for assessments or in-person sessions. Can I still sign up?

The in-person sessions, particularly the assessments at the start and finish of the program are an extremely important component of the program. While we recommend you try to come in for all of your weekly sessions, it is required that you come into the MoveMend clinic for at least the assessment sessions.

Do I need any equipment?

Yes. While having access to a gym will allow your Physio Coach to fill your solo workouts with more effective exercises, you need at least a set of resistance bands, and some form of weights (dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, or other). A link will be provided to recommended equipment in the application.