Quick running tips

Quick running tips

Quick running tips

For beginner and intermediate runners, it’s essential to understand these quick running tips to help avoid injury. 

A few key points/reminders are:

Beginners– Improve your cardiovascular base! A strong cardiovascular foundation is the key to leveling up your running. Manage your pace, increase your cardiovascular base!

Intermediate– 80% of your training should still consist of low intensity running to further strengthen your aerobic base. That remaining ~20% can emphasize speed work at higher intensities.

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Injury Prevention Tips

To increase distance, running distance should not increase every running session. Consider your weekly mileage and aim for a 10-15% increase between each week.

Aim to run (or walk/jog) 4-5x per week. This higher frequency will help you to build consistency and spread out your load over multiple days. And don’t forget to add in some strength training for runners!

Tips for Beginners

The plan for the beginner starts with the understanding that all running should be done at a 4/10 intensity or lower. A 4/10 intensity means that you are easily able to have a conversation. Sticking to this intensity will allow for quicker and more consistent progression while improving aerobic fitness. 

Talk and run!

Beginner workout

The total time for the workout is 35 minutes. Those first 5 minutes are a walk prior to the 30 minutes of alternating walk/jog intervals.

After the warm-up, start jogging at a comfortable pace for as long as you can. Stay at the 4/10 intensity level or lower. Then when you reach a point where the intensity reaches >4/10, you will walk until your heart rate and breathing return to what it would be with a normal fast walk (~1-2/10). From here begin jogging again until you reach 4/10. Continue this alternating until you get to 30 minutes.

Depending on your initial level of fitness, you may be able to run 20 minutes consecutively before reaching the 4/10 threshold. Some may need to start with 2 minutes of running at a time and need 4 minutes of recovery walking.

If you’re realistic (about maintaining 4/10 intensity) and consistent (3-5 days a week), the amount of time you can run will increase.

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