Running Nutrition and Hydration

Running Nutrition and Hydration

Running Nutrition and Hydration

Nutrition Matters

Similar to the selection of clothes and shoes, running nutrition and hydration are big components of performance. As runs get longer, fluid intake and nutrition supplementation must be considered. Some experimentation is needed to figure out what will work best for you.

There are a wide range of nutritional products designed for runners. The most common product to consume during running is some sort of energy supplement. There are many different brands and many different types of products from gels and gummies to drink supplements. Their goal is to replace the nutrients you are expending and to keep you from fatiguing as much as possible. With the wide array of options, we recommend you experiment with different brands to find what works for you. 

Running Hydration at 30-60+ Minutes

Hydration and nutrition supplementation go hand in hand. Fluids help with uptake of nutrients and with water intake to prevent dehydration. Bringing water with you on your run will become more necessary when running time increases above 30-60 minutes. (Find more running tips with our Running eBook)

Running hydration. Drinking while running.

There are some recommendations to guide the amount of fluid intake during longer duration running. One that typically works well is to consume fluids as you are thirsty. This sounds basic, but a common problem with newer runners tends to be consuming too high a volume of fluids. Excess fluid volume can actually increase fatigue due to diluting the amount of sodium in the body.

Water is the most common fluid to consume, but there are also drink mixes that contain needed nutrients. It takes time to find the right combination and timing strategy for both nutrition and hydration while running.

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