Run fitness – VO2 test

Run fitness – VO2 test

Training plan for running

Run training plans can be found all over the internet. If you search how to train for a 5k, how to train for a 10k, and how to train for a marathon, you’ll be bombarded with training plans.

Having a training plan is essential to be efficient with your training time. But knowing your heart rate training zones through getting a VO2 max test, or what we call a metabolic test, is the single best way to make sure your efforts bring you the performance results you want.

With metabolic testing we get an understanding of how the energy systems in the body are working while running.  Based on the results of the test we identify a training plan that can be more effective. The test is measuring the volume of oxygen that you are breathing in and the carbon dioxide that you are exhaling while running. Measuring this allows us to understand what is occurring metabolically within the body when run training. It also allows us to understand how the cardiovascular and respiratory systems are working.   

Getting a metabolic running fitness test provides information that will directly impact all your future runs. It’s beneficial for beginner and intermediate runners who are short on training time. Sadly, most runners have routines that only maintain running performance, but does not improve it. 

We find that if given the choice, most runners would prefer to be able to run longer with less fatigue. That’s where metabolic testing and a run training plan comes in! We think Training Peaks is one of the best training calendars out there.

Improve running fitness in less time

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A metabolic running fitness test and run training plan are the quickest ways to improved running performance in less time.

What is a metabolic test for runners?

In less than 25 minutes of running on a treadmill, we learn fuel source utilization, lung function, Vo2 max and accurate heart rate training zones. 

  1. Fuel source utilization –  You learn the percentage of carbohydrate and fat used as fuel source as exercise intensity increases. We use this to understand fuel used in your running training zones. This is particularly useful for runners and other athletes involved in longer duration endurance sports.
  2. Lung function –  We can see your lung capacity volume and how well you are able to use it during running. You will also learn your overall breathing efficiency during exercise.
  3. VO2 max –  VO2 testing gathers information on maximal oxygen intake (VO2 max) which can be a factor in determining ultimate cardiovascular exercise performance.
  4. Training zones – arguably the most valuable information that can be gathered from the test for athletes is accurate heart rate training zones. These training zones are based on your current fitness which will give you immediate benefit from your running workouts. Utilizing the accurate heart rate zones in your run training will increase the results from your current workouts.

For runners seeking improvements in performance or to decrease risk of overtraining or injury, the completion of a metabolic test can provide a detailed understanding of how your body is performing and responding to exercise. The test can identify type of training needed for improved running performance. To learn about strength training for runners, check out this blog post.

If you want to get the most out of your training time, get signed-up for a metabolic test to get your full report and training tips. 

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