Devin G.

Aug31st 2020

I have been going to Aaron for just a few weeks and I am so thankful for his help!! Just before coming to MoveMend, I was told by a Physiatrist through my orthopedic surgeon that my arm would never go over my head again. As an athlete, this was incredibly devastating news. I was told my long thoracic nerve was beyond repair. However, Aaron was able to spot dysfunctions in my movement patterns in my weight training, and that were causing nerve traction and causing my long thoracic nerve to shut down.

I’ve already had dramatic relief in pain and in my overhead movement ability in a few short weeks!!! After trying several other providers without luck, I can say with confidence Aaron is incredibly well informed in his upper extremity specialty and has a great bedside manner! His office and staff are very kind and professional, he runs on time for his appointments, pays attention to all things in your life that could affect your recovery, and honestly.. he’s the man! Ha! I can’t wait to get crazy strong under his guidance!