What is a Functional Movement Screen?

What is a Functional Movement Screen?

What is a Functional Movement Screen?

Movement Matters

The MoveMend approach to health and fitness includes a strong commitment to injury prevention and a return to activity after injury. We often utilize the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) as part of our fitness assessment to help guide our strength training programs. 

Functional Movement Screen

 “The FMS is comprised of seven movement tests that require a balance of mobility and stability. The patterns used provide observable performance of basic, manipulative and stabilizing movements by placing clients in positions where weakness, imbalances, asymmetries and limitations become noticeable by a trained health and fitness professional. Many people are able to perform a wide range of activities, yet are unable to efficiently execute the movements of the screen. Those who score poorly on the screens are using compensatory movement patterns during regular activities. If these compensations continue, sub-optimal movement patterns are reinforced, leading to poor biomechanics and possibly contributing to future injury.” 

 There are many references in published literature regarding the FMS as well as studies that demonstrate how a 6-week training program can improve FMS scores. Clients who participate in training services with MoveMend can expect a better understanding of not only their movement limitations, but also their risk for future injury. 

We provide a customized, corrective exercise program that addresses movement limitations, imbalances and weaknesses using the latest in evidence based training and rehabilitation techniques. 

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Aaron Shaw, OTR/L, CHT, CSCS

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