Why did I become a physical therapist?

Why did I become a physical therapist?

By Dr. Carly Catanese, PT, DPT, DMT, MEd

My patients often ask me what sparked my interest in becoming a physical therapist. I thought I would share more about what drew me to the field.

I have always had an interest in health and fitness. I always knew I wanted to be in the medical profession, it was just a matter of in what capacity. And like any active kid, I too found myself in physical therapy for various injuries.

I started out in the medical profession as an exercise physiologist, working in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. It was great to work with groups of patients who had recently suffered a heart or lung condition, and even those patients who had heart or lung issues years ago and help them regain and/or maintain their fitness and confidence in remaining active.

I would monitor patients on telemetry, take their heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen throughout the sessions and set them up on equipment. It was rewarding, but I had a desire to do more with patients.

My path to becoming a physical therapist

It was then that I took gross anatomy. It was horrifying to participate in cadaver lab! Though once the fear diminished, I learned a lot about how the human body works and how different one person’s anatomy is from another. As crazy as it sounds, not everyone has the same anatomy!

I realized after this anatomy class that I had the motivation and drive to study hard and learn how the whole body works and how to treat it. I knew after that first class that I wanted to be a physical therapist. So, I applied to the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. I really liked the wellness side of this form of healthcare and was eager to help people feel better.

Being a physical therapist is the perfect job for me. I have a strong desire to not only physically help patients feel and move better, but teach them ways to be proactive in their own health and wellness.

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