Why does my wrist hurt?

Why does my wrist hurt?

Wrist Pain Treatment

 This is one of the most common questions we hear at MoveMend. This is usually followed by “Should I wear a brace for my wrist pain?”
People also ask:
  • What causes wrist pain?
  • Why does it hurt to bend my wrist?
  • Can you have gout in your wrist?
  • Why do my hands hurt?
There are many causes of wrist pain and wearing a supportive brace can be very useful in reducing pain. Tendonitis, cysts, hand arthritis and broken bones can all be causes. Our video above shows our favorite splints for treating wrist and hand pain.

If you are suffering with hand or wrist pain you can schedule an appointment with us right here. We’re here to help!


This is valuable information! Do you have any tips for someone who has mild pain and would like to prevent any future injuries?

I know people who have suffered with wrist pain for many years but have gone to the doctor and nothing was found. Does this happen quite often? Could your diet affect your tendons?

Great information. How often do you see patients with chronic wrist pain? I imagine that it’s rare.

Valuable information for someone with wrist pain! Is it common to see someone with hand arthritis or cysts?

Wrist Braces can really help managing wrist pain in both the long term and the short term. Aside from relieving pain, do braces treat the cause of wrist pain?

My mom got carpal tunnel from signing (ASL) . Fortunately, she was just translating, she’s not deaf. But say she were and needed to continue, a wrist brace might get in the way… How would be the best way to face this?

I have a family member that have wrist pain by drawing. What exercise would you recommend to relax the tension of the muscle in the wrist pain? Also, will the first wrist pain band you showed in your video be helpful in using to reduce the wrist pain for artist or any art form that requires a lot of wrist movement?

Where can you buy the comfort pain wrist band that you showed in the video? It looks more flexible and more space to move.

My brother has wrist pain right now, but according to the video he is using a different brace than what you recommended. Should he buy another one, or is the one he has now alright?

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